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Product Quality

Product Quality

We at METRO shall endeavor to develop, manufacture and supply Products and Services of unmatched quality on time through Speed, Innovation, Teamwork, Flexibility and Empowered employees so as not only to meet but exceed customer expectations globally.

We stand as per as compared to main producers so far quality matter is concerned but economical in terms of cost.This is because we are using the same raw material which the main producers are using i.e.M.S. Billets.

This is the fact that nobody can change the chemical properties of the material during the entire proces of Re-Rolling.It is the quality of raw material only which determines the chemical properties of TMT steel.

Further,so far as me- chanical properties are concerned, we are at a better end as compared to main producers.

This is because of the personal care and attention devoted by one of our directors, who is permanantly residing at Bhiwadi and is always conscious towards the quality standards.